Skulpturenfeld Fuchsmoos

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Klangskulpturen am Skulpturenfeld Fuchsmoos
Piller bei Wenns
12. – 15. August 1995

  • sound installations
  • electronic music
  • live-concerts
  • interactions
  • dance
  • sound machines built with water and rocks
within an archaic landsape in Tyrol surrounded with sculptures of Kassian Erhart the ensemble ticom built the contact between sculptures, sound of nature and New Music. pill1
onception and technical realisation 
by Ferdinand Köck and Günther Zechberger

Sculptures for music 
by Kassian Erhart

performing artists:
Angelika Hensler
Ferdinand Köck
Luca Palmisano
Hannes Mariacher
Andi Schiffer
Gerhard Gruber
Günther Zechberger
the event

Opposite to the mostly timeless sculptures, music is absolutely bound to time – transient. The aim of the perfomance has been to connect these qualities.
Besides a fixed canon of concert pieces there was much room left for improvisation and interaction betwen musicians and sculptures as well as reaction to the surrounding sound of nature.
The compositions were partly live-performed – adapted to the specific conditions of the Skulpturenfeld -, partly they were fixed on tape and arranged by computers and electronic instruments.
So for example the rivulet traversing the Skulpturenfeld, the rustling of the leaves of the trees, cowbells of passing animals as well as working-sounds of stone-sculpturing heve been electronical fixed and transformed and were answered by the improvisation of the percussionists and instrumentalists.

what’s left

What is left to be seen for the visitor is among others a hanging stone-sculpture between the two hills of the „Skulpturenfeld“. Continuing the idea of „Klangskulpturen“ Kassian Erhart will hang some more stone-sculptures next year, which will be moved by the rivulet in order to control an interactiv electroacoustic equipment.
The sounddesign and the soundinstallation will be done by Günther Zechberger.

Granite Head

Günther Zechberger / Peter Riedlsperger
a musical network of bridges in the context of the Rivers and Bridges project
concert – livebroadcasting (OE1, RNE1) – musical network of bridges
Sept. 5th 1996
at the „Skulpturenfeld Fuchsmoos“
Piller near Wenns / Tyrol / Austria